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Laboratory is our core technology department, our company spend a lot of money in purchasing instruments and advanced, practical equipment, and configure the advanced technical personnel. Laboratory is of great significance to quality control, R&D of the our products! So far, we can do more and more European and American standard test certification, such as:


1、 EN530(Wearresistance
2、 EN 14116、EN532(Fireretardant
3、 EN1149(Antistatic
4、 ASTM-D1148(Resistanceto yellowing
5、 EN471 5.1(Luminancecoefficient; Chromaticity coordinates:β;x,y)
6、 ISO 2813(Glossiness
7、 CIE /97/(Chromatism
8、 EN ISO 14184(Formaldehydecontent
9、 ISO 4920 [Textile ;Fabric surfacemoistened (spray test) resistance measurement ]
10、GB/T 17593(Chromiumcontent of Cr VI
11、 Color fastness test
  1)ISO 105 B04
  2)ISO 105 B01
  3)ISO 105 C06
  4)ISO 105 E04
12、ISO 811、EN20811( Resistance to water pressure
13、ASTM E96/E96M(Moisturepermeability
14、ISO 3071(PHvalue
15、 Physical properties testing
  1)ISO 1421
  2)ISO 2411
  3)ISO 4674
  4)ISO 13938
  5)ISO 5402