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Main characters for insulating paper
Author:quanda  Source:全达  2013/10/24

The unique combination products forinsulating paper with excellent properties:

      Inherent in the dielectricstrength  Nomex through light pressureprocessing. Products can withstand the 18-40KV/mm short-term voltage field, noneed to use varnish and resin for further processing. For the NOMEX&reg,the products with low dielectric constant, and making the electric distributionbetween the insulation and cooling medium more evenly.

      Mechanical toughness  NOMEX&reg[1] after light pressure.Products with high intensity, and flexibility, constant spirited and abrasionresistance are good, and thinner products with flexibility.

      Heat stability  NOMEX&reg, Products can be approved by ULmaterial temperature for 220℃, it means the products can keep the effective properties evenconstantly put in the temperature for 220 ℃ for more than 10years.

      Chemical compatibilityNOMEX&reg. Usually speaking, it will not affected by most of the solvent, andwith strong acid, alkali corrosion resistance, it is with all the varnish,adhesives, transformer, lubricating oil and coolant compatible. What’s more,NOMEX[1] will not be broken can insects, fungi nor mould.

      Cryogenic property  Under the boiling point(77K) of nitrogen,NOMEX[1], the tensile strength intensity value of  T410 insulating paper and NOMEX&reg,993,994 laminated sheet is over in the normal temperature.

      Not sensitive to moisture   NOMEX&reg. Products in a relativelymodest for 95%, the dielectric strength will be 90% than in completely dryconditions. Meanwhile, lots of the mechanical performance actually improved.

      Radiation resistance    Even the ionizing radiation intensity of 800million has basically no effect to products, and still remain the electricaland mechanical properties after 8 times of the radiation.

      Non-toxic/ fire resistant  NOMEX&reg. Products will not produce anyknown toxicity reaction to humans or animals. The products does no melt in theair, nor combustion, and in the temperature of 220 ℃ the LOI(limited oxygen index) is over 20.8 ( general empty burn threshold), so willnot burning. NOMEX&reg. Products meet the requirements of UL94V-0 flameresistant requirements. Improve the ability of the transformer and the motorlife & reliability.


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