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No-conductive characters for insulation materials
Author:quanda  Source:全达  2013/10/24

Insulation materials are our main products.It has been approved and trusted by most customers with the competitive priceand excellent service since the company founded. Let’ have a brief introductionfor the no-conductive characters for insulation materials.


Itis called insulation materials that the material with specific resistance for109-1022 Ω·cm in electrotechnology  Insulation materials, also called dielectric.Insulation materials with large resistance to direct current, under the effectof DC voltage, except the minute surface leakage current, in fact it is almostconductive. It has alternating current pass but also consider no-conductive.The more for the insulation materials specific resistance the better for theinsulating properties.


Our company will always cherish the trustof our customers and always pursuit of first-class quality service to satisfiedour customers. Your satisfaction is our great pursue. Lte’s join hands increating a better future in the 21st century.