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The prosperity of high temperature insulation tube
Author:quanda  Source:全达  10/24/2013

High temperature silicone casing surface structure containing both "organic group", also contain "inorganic structure", this particular composition and molecular structure of organic matter and feature set makes inorganic functions in one. Compared with other polymer materials, the most prominent is the high temperature performance. Silicon - oxygen (Si-O) bond as the main chain structure, C-C bond energy of 82.6 kcal / mol, the bond energy Si-O bond is 121 Kcal / mole silicone, so its high thermal stability, high temperature (or radiation) molecular bond is not broken, do not break down. Silicone not only temperature, but also resistant to low temperatures and can be used over a wide temperature range. Whether it is physical or chemical properties and mechanical properties change with temperature is very small. 

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