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  Full of people-oriented human resource management philosophy, attention to personnel training, professional skills training from time to time organize production, sales, management, and improve the overall quality of staff. Good environment created a strong team cohesion, reaching 1 + 1 & gt; Heli 2 results. Multi complementary coordination to ensure that the whole of the correct development strategy. From the construction of a brand to the market, all of our team is proud of the capital, it is to serve customers with confidence.

Respect for talent, create unlimited space for development; courteous personnel, providing generous levels of treatment; Training of personnel, the establishment of a new type of learning organization; Trust talent, granting full job resources; Rely on the talent and share the company's bright future。

Interested candidates please send your resume to: xz@quanda.cc or call 0755-81713733 / 29525585 cooperation is met。

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