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The relative information for high polymer insulation material
Author:quanda  Source:全达  10/24/2013

Polymer called polymer dielectric insulating material. Charged or conductors used to isolate different potentials, so that the current can be a polymeric material according to the direction of flow. Its volume resistivity is generally greater than 109Ω · cm. The vast majority of polymer materials have excellent insulating properties, variety, extensive source of raw materials, ease of processing, reliable performance, and therefore is widely used. 1980s, consumption accounts for total consumption in polymer materials in some developed countries of 5% to 15% or more. 


        Electrical insulating materials are mainly used in motors, electrical appliances, such as armature wedge, stator winding, rotor winding insulation in generators, motors. According to shape into six categories: ① insulating paint, resins and adhesives class solution. For example insulating varnish, silicon paint, enamels, adhesives potting resin solution and a variety of other commonly used epoxy, polyester, polyurethane, silicone resins, alkyd resins polyimide (see alkyd resin coatings ) and the like. ② impregnated fiber products category. Impregnated with resin such as various types of cotton, silk, synthetic fibers and glass fiber insulating cloth or fabric obtained with other products. ③ laminates classes. Various organic or inorganic resin-impregnated substrate after the laminated plastic, such as a variety of laminates. ④ plastic products category. Added by the resin of various organic or inorganic fillers in the system, such as television chassis, instrumentation, instrument housings, electrical switch connector shell. ⑤ film, synthetic paper and composite products category. For example, various polymer film capacitor dielectric material commonly used in polystyrene, polypropylene, polyester, polycarbonate, polytetrafluoroethylene, and polyimide film; various synthetic insulating paper, such as aromatic polyester polyamide fiber paper, polyester fiber paper; various insulating adhesive tape, insulating tape and so on. ⑥ rubber products category. For example, various wire and cable insulation and sheathing, heat shrink tubing, silicone rubber insulated terminals and so on. 


     Electrical insulating materials are mainly used for insulation protection of semiconductor components and electronic equipment. ① printed circuit boards, namely copper clad version. Substrate for resin laminate, known as rigid copper clad version, often with epoxy, phenolic and other resin plate; polymer film substrate is heat-resistant glass cloth or a single person, called a flexible copper clad version, often polyester, polyimide, fluorinated polymer film. ② packaging materials, to prevent outside influence of moisture and impurities on semiconductor components parameters. Currently, more than about 90% of the semiconductor components using a plastic package. An epoxy resin is mainly used, and a silicone resin, followed by a phenol resin, a polyester, polybutadiene and the like. ③ insulating film of semiconductor devices, a large-scale integrated circuits and other membrane components of the surface protective film for a semiconductor (including the contact film, a passivation film, a shock proof film for preventing soft errors of α-ray shielding film) and the layer insulating film between the . As the polyimide-based aromatic heterocyclic polymer. 


     Development trend of future development of polymer insulation material to further improve the new task is a heat resistant material, the development of F-class, H-class, and higher heat resistance of the new material; used in the development of ultra-low temperature superconducting insulating material; excellent water resistance developed insulation and resistance, radiation resistance, insulation freon; developed high temperature, good processability and the development of a high-frequency dielectric material having other specific properties (such as thermal conductivity, high purity, photographic, etc.) of the insulating material. 


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