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The demand for fiberglass on insulation material development
Author:quanda  Source:全达  10/24/2013

Applied to the transformer coil insulation is an aromatic polyamide fiber paper for decades mainly rely on imports DuPont products strong, but imports are quite large, the price of up to 600 yuan / kg, the application of the industry to bear a heavy cost pressures. Over the years, our companies have developed, but the product quality is still not satisfactory, you can think that even a qualified domestic development of quality aromatic polyamide fiber paper, its price will not be very low cost problem still exists. Foreign this problem has been developed for a glass fiber paper, the manufacturing process is a method of papermaking fibers and polymer fibers, the glass is made of paper, the paper in this composite of glass fiber and the sintering conditions the polymer fiber sintered together, made a certain thickness of the composite paper in lieu of aromatic polyamide fiber paper, although it can not seize all of its markets, but can also dug a certain market share. 


      But domestic product has not yet developed such as be able to develop this paper for insulation industry and electrical industry choice, I believe it will occupy a certain market prospects, but also for the glass fiber industry for higher profits. 

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