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Why do the insulation material insulate?
Author:quanda  Source:全达  10/24/2013

Electrical insulating paint insulating paint called for short, is finishing motors, wires and electrical equipment, such as a class of special coatings. Its many varieties are generally divided into four categories according to its use 

(1) The paint used for decorative metal wire envelope paint: the motor copper paint 

(2) used to impregnate electrical insulation materials, electrical coils to improve heat, moisture and dielectric strength of the insulation spacer varnish; 

(3) for finishing motors, coils, electrical equipment, such as housing, in order to further improve the insulation performance of the surface to prevent adhesion of impurities covering paint; 

(4) used as a bonding various insulating materials, made of sheet metal, sheet and insulation tape adhesive paint. 

These are part of varnish, which should be considered envelope paint and varnish are the main varieties. 

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