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Epoxy Fiber Glass

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 3640 Epoxy Fiber Glass Rod
  SN:3640 Epoxy Fiber Glass Rod
Product Description

3640Epoxy Fiber Glass Rod

Name: 3640 epoxy fiber glass rod

Color include: yellow

Shape : Rod

Ⅰ、 Define and purpose

Thislaminated product is formed through heat pressing after electric industryalkali glass cloth dips into the epoxy phenolic resin. It has high mechanic anddielectric performance, and applicable as insulation structural components forelectromechanical/electrical equipment, as well as used under dampenvironmental conditions and transformer oil .

Ⅱ、Technical requirement for surface

Thesurface of laminated board should be flat and smooth, no bubble, no wrinkle, nodelamination or crackle, and properly free from other defects such as scrape, impress,  dirty spot and unevencolor, but a little color patches is allowed.

Ⅲ、Performance index           

 Order  Item name   Unit   Test method   Index
 1   Density   g/cm3   GB/T5130 section 8.1   (1.70-1.90) 
 2  Water absorption  mg  GB/T5130 section 8.2  Refer to table 2 
 3  Vertical layer direction bending strength  MPa  GB/T5130 section 5.1  >= 340
 4  Vertical layer direction compression strength
 MPa  GB/T5130 section 5.3  >= (350) 
 5  Tensile strength  MPa  GB/T5130 section 5.7  >= (300) 
 6  Compact strength (Simply strut-beam method)  KJ/m3  GB/T5130 section 5.5.1  >= 33 
 7  Insulation resistance after water dipping  Ω  GB/T5130 section 6.3  >= 5.0 × 108 
 8  Mediate loss factor, 1MHz hour ____  GB/T5130 section 6.2  <= 0.04 
 9  Dielectric constant, 1MHz hour  ____  GB/T5130 section 6.2  <= 5.5 
 10  Vertical layer direction electric strength at (90±2)℃ transformer oil  KV/mm  GB/T5130 section 6.1  Refer to table 3 
 11  Parallel layer direction striking voltage  kV  GB/T5130 section 6.1  >= 35 

III. Application

1.     Chemicalmachinery parts, general machinery parts

2.     Gears,generators, pads, bases, baffles, generator, transformer, fixture inverter,motor and electric insulation component.

3.     Distribution box, fixture board,the mould plate, high and low voltage distribution box, packing machineinsulation parts.

4.     Mold making, PCB,ICT fixture,molding machine, drilling machine, mesa grinding pads etc.

5 . Size

  Epoxy  fiber glass rod 
  diameter(mm)   Length(mm) 
  20-220mm   1000mm